Why is HR Function outsourcing better than in-house

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Why is HR Function outsourcing better than in-house?

There is a common thought among people about the job HRs do. Most of us know that the only thing they do is hire candidates. 

But in reality, the whole HR or human resources team is responsible for running a successful company.

Their job is not only hiring people but-

  • Employee management
  • Train them
  • Screen them
  • Manage their payment
  • Workforce planning
  • Manage employee complaint
  • And many more.

Managing all of these things together is much more than only hiring candidates.

And a company needs to invest sufficient money and knowledge resources (training, skill improvement courses, and other things) for a successful in-house HR team.

Everyone wants to grow their business, but unfortunately, small companies or startups are unable to afford an in-house HR team.

But don't worry! We have your back. Because now you can outsource HR functions. 

But why should you do that? Is this even real, or just a marketing gimmick? Let's have a look.

You get a professional solution

When you hire a human resources team, there is a chance of getting professional work. How? Let us explain.

When outsourcing HR functions, you are already working with a business.

Where you have a brand/business/ or a company, the HR services you hire are also a business. So, to keep their professionalism, they will maintain their work and quality to provide you with better daily services. 

In that way, you are getting more benefits than hiring regular/ permanent HR candidates.

You have control over the services

While outsourcing HR services, you can always choose what services you need and what not.

By chance, if you are unsatisfied with the quality of the work, you can ask for some changes. And if somewhere you feel to change your partnership, you can leave them hassle-free.

Teamwork is always better

An HR can manage a few works at a time, while HR services provide a team of people who maximises the speed and quality of the work 10X more.

In that way, you are getting your work faster. So, the quicker you complete your tasks, the faster you get more contracts.

Healthy for your budget

As a business, we understand the companies' pain in budget management, especially for startups or small companies.

Maintaining the standards and value of the IN-house HR team requires a lot of money and other resources such as health insurance, recruiting fees, salaries, compensation premiums, skill development costs, and many more.

You can't pressure your in-house HR team to multitask different works to manage your budget; that way, you can save money but can't maintain the quality of the work.

So this is where we hold your hands and serve you better. 

With us, you are getting more benefits and daily work improvements on a lower budget than maintaining a whole in-house HR team. There is no monthly salary, insurance policy, skill development cost, or sick leaves (the most common problem among candidates) but a good quality of work.

Improved employee management.

Managing the employee and their tasks is also something HRs do. Even though office managers are there, you can make it 50/50 between them and reduce the workload.

It will give you a professional result, and your employees will be safe from burning out of work. It will help the employees to stay motivated all the time.

Minimizes the legal risks

A company or a business needs to follow some legal regulations. But it becomes a problem when you are a small business or a startup. Managing it by yourself or your employees is not a good idea.

The best will be to hand it over to the professionals, and this is where you need to outsource good Human resources functions.

No interruption

It's annoying for the seniors when the HRs come back again and again with tons of questions. We understand how it becomes complicated, especially when you are too busy.

But with outsourced HRs, you don't need to face this trouble. They are already great professionals and know how to handle employees. Give them detailed information about the work once, and the HRs will do the rest.

And this is how you can focus on your work without any interruption.

But if you think the benefits end here, you are wrong, buddy!

To know them, you need to work with them first because things are understood better when they are practically experienced.

If you or your employees are burned out, it's affecting the work and the company. But we will help you no matter what.

Not only do we help companies and business owners as HR functions, but we also help candidates to find their dream jobs in Varanasi, India.

We always believe in building a great partnership bond with our customers rather than working as an employee. That way, we become business buddies and help each other grow our business.

Overthinking? Don't worry. We will make you fall in love with our services. But we are just an invitation away from you right now.

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Let's grow together.