Career Tips

Adaptability - 

Hi all, 

In such adverse conditions one should learn adaptability skills to present themselves well. I know some have lost thier jobs or are searching for jobs ... surrounded by lots of negativites ...and so on... but ever you have seen somebody who is not well as you are? You have food to eat, family for support, home to live and good health to live a good life ..

Somebody wants to live life like you.... Its God's act - Pandemic and we have no control over it, but we have control on our deeds ..So, left all worries and do your work. Result is an outcome it will come but only when you'll do your work...

Sitting idle at home and doing nothing will make you dull. So, get up and press a refresh button of your mind -

1. Exclude all negative thoughts - do some yoga or walk 

2. I can Do it  -  say to yourself atleast 5 times in a day. Nothing is immposible trust in those words

3. Read good books which will give you some insight or watch some good videos

4. At last before sleeping say thanks to almighty God for this life  


Happy Learning