Terms And Conditions

You are deemed to have read and agreed to the following terms, conditions and use of service. Recruitment of personnel will be effective through “Alpran H R Services”. “Alpran H R Services” a leading recruitment agency, provides its clients the most effective solutions with a committed approach. Our team of consultants personally handle every step of each assignment following the strictest ethical standards.
i. Your profile on Alpran H R Services
1 - You are agreeing for the terms and conditions mentioned by Alpran H R Services.
2 - You are agreeing to share your contact details and resume to recruiters of Alpran H R Services.
3 - You are agreeing to receive the phone calls and emails related to recruitment.
4 - Your profile will not get deleted in any situation.
5 - You are responsible to maintain and update the correct information and profile on our website.
ii. Attending the Interviews
1 - Interview will be conducted on given appointment time at provided address only.
2 - Interviews are to be attended at your own cost.
3 - If company provides transportation expenses, you may claim such expenses to company.
4 - Alpran H R Services is not responsible for expenses done on attending the interview.
5 - Required documents should be available.
iii.Require documents at the time of interview
1 - Hard or soft copy of interview appointment letter provided by Alpran HR Services.
2 - Recent 2 passport size photographs.
3 - Candidate has to submit original documents before going to interview.
4 - Two hard copies of Curriculum Vitae / Resume.
5 - Xerox & Original Copies of academic certificates.
6 - Xerox & Original Copies of experience certificates.
7 - For experienced: Last two months’ salary slips OR Offer & Joining letter of last employer.
iv. Administration / Recruitment Charges
A - 50% of monthly salary + GST (@18%) is to be paid as recruitment charges to Alpran Software Pvt. Ltd. This fees would directly be deducted by the employer from the first salary of the candidate and paid to Alpran Software Private Limited.
B - Recruitment charges are acceptable in the form of cash, Personal Cheque or electronic fund transfer to Alpran Software Private Limited – the mother concern of Alpran H R Services. Till the time recruitment charged are not paid the candidate shall submit his/her original mark sheets or postdated cheque (POD) with ASPL.
C - Offer letter remain the property of “Alpran H R Services” until receiving the full payment. Any disputes shall be settled in the Varanasi court of law only. In such circumstances, candidate shall be liable for any and all additional administrative and/or court costs.
D - Any excuses and/or negotiation will not be considered at the time of payment of Recruitment Charges.
E - Recruitment Charges is non-refundable if the candidate gets offer letter of the company.
F - Upon payment of recruitment charges the candidate need not pay for his second offer letter, if the second offer letter is generated within two months of his first offer letter. However, the candidate shall have to re-pay recruitment charges for his 3rd offer letter even if the same is generated within the two months’ period of generation of first offer letter.
G - We shall not be liable to discharge our services in case an employer complaint of a misbehavior or misconduct by any candidate.
H - In case if candidate fails to attend interviews continuously (2-3 times) or not attending our calls or do not respond etc. his registration will be cancelled same day and center will not be responsible for his further scheduling of interviews.
I - We shall not be liable to discharge our services in case our staff complaints of a misbehavior or misconduct by any candidate.
J - In case after selection if candidate did not join the job (except any medical emergency*) we will not schedule his interview in future and his registration will be cancelled from that day only. Center will not be liable to serve him anymore. *candidate has to produce prescription/ doctor reports etc. documents as and when required.
K - No joining will happen without submitting original marksheet of candidates. Till the time candidates does not pays the recruitment charges (50% of their first month’s salary) the candidates need to submit their original mark sheets with ASPL.
L - ASPL has full right to cancel candidate’s registration if after selection he/she refuses to join without giving any valid & reasonable reasons (with documentary proofs).
M - No refunds will be made in any condition.
N - Maximum three chances shall be given to candidates if he/she does not responds to our interview calls or SMS. After that ASPL has full rights to cancel registration.
O - Any disputes shall be settled through Varanasi courts jurisdiction only.
Declaration by candidate –
I have read and I am aware of all process, terms and conditions, policy matters and penalty clauses of Alpran HR Services. I hereby give my consent to pay registration charges which is non-refundable and 50% of monthly salary + GST (@18%) from 1st month Salary.